From the Seychelles, we are the gateway for your growth investment ambitions in Asia and Africa.

Capitalise on the economic growth in Africa and Asia

We identify cross-border, cross-sectoral investment opportunities in, but not restricted to, private equity and equity and debt capital markets, in Asia and Africa’s fastest growing economies.

Cap Lion Point has a core belief in the Afro-Asian spirit of entrepreneurship, sustainable development, innovation and overall growth fundamentals, translating into strong and stable investment returns for Cap Lion’s investors.

Build on our international team of advisors

Cap Lion Point is managed by a global team consisting of finance, management and legal professionals, with backgrounds in investment and business management, banking, corporate finance and structuring and corporate law.

The multi-national team comprises professionals experienced in transacting in the high-growth EME’s of Africa and Asia. This team is supported by professionals with a mature and steady experience of Western Europe transactions and clientele. This geographical crossover of talent and experience enables us to apply a more global, comparative approach to our investment decision-making.

Our talent and commitment is backed by our global reach. Based in the Seychelles, we are constantly supported by our affiliated offices in Dubai (UAE), Switzerland, USA and Singapore to capture investment opportunities as, when and where we find them.

Strategic Investments

Cap Lion Point has made a strategic investment in CRESCO Holding to secure the direct access and unwavering support of this conglomerate with its impressive selection of companies in the service industry.

The investment into Renewable Energy is lucrative and becomes a “must-have” for most professional investors. Cap Lion Point has made a strategic investment into a company specialised in the development and operation of such facilities.

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