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Seychelles, September 21, 2020
Office closed because fire in the vicinity of CLP office
On September 21, the office of Cap Lion Point stays closed because of a fire which causes strong smoke and air pollution in the region. CLP has switched to home-office operation for the day.
Plaridel, August 28, 2020
Bawbawon island offers "Picnic" for day visitors
The future Bawbawon Beach Resort opened its beaches to day visitors. In view of COVID-19 and inline with the internal environment protection guidelines the visitors can join in groups of up to 6 people and spend the day in a dedicated cabana on the island. The packet comes with food, boat transfer and access to water sport equipment.
Seychelles, July 4, 2020
Cap Lion Point not affected by Wirecard troubles.
The management of Cap Lion Point confirms, that the company is not affected by the recent problems of Wirecard. Cap Lion Point doesn't use the services of Wirecard or any companies related to this group
Seychelles, July 1, 2020
Cap Lion Point masters storm in first half of 2020.
Cap Lion Point and its underlying investments have mastered the COVID-19 related disturbances better than anticipated. The service industry related investments show big resilience where as the consumer business and businesses in the hospitality industry have seen a difficult first 6 months, but are now restarting their operation with promising first results.
Seychelles, June 22, 2020
Seychelles Office fully open again.
The office of Cap Lion Point at Providence Estate in Mahé is fully open again. Although our operation has continued uninterrupted during the COVID related restrictions our teams are now happy, that they can return back to the office.


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