Our awareness of cultural differences in the Middle East and Asia make Cap Lion Point the preferred partner for companies in this region

The process is the key to success

Cap Lion Point is active in identifying partners for mergers or acquisitions and helps them through this rather rigorous process which requires a high degree of detail. Countless processes have to go right for this kind of business dealing to be successful. Cap Lion Point guides the parties in such ventures and helps them to successfully manage the most challenging tasks.

There are a lot of reasons why decision makers decide to do a merger or acquisition. Sometimes it is a way to kill competition or to buy up a rival company. Other reasons may include the purchase of new customers, to boost business productivity or to faster penetrate a new market.

Cap Lion Point makes sure, that the most important points are taken into consideration:


Define Motivation

Reason for a merger and acquisition and chances to reach this goal.

Establish Financial Feasibility

Carefully evaluate the liquidity and financial capability of the parties involved.

Due Diligence

Support the parties in their due diligence process to identify possible threats and hidden flaws.

Form M&A Team

Coach the companies to put together the perfect team in charge of the merger or acquisition process.

Name New Management Team

Support the group to get the best leadership team for the time after the merger or acquisition.

Finance M&A Deal

Help to finance the deal if required.


Merger Hensley&Cook and Cote d’Azur

A Merger prepared and followed by Cap Lion Point

Hensley&Cook was looking for a partner in Seychelles to further strengthen its business in the corporate service industry. Cote d’Azur is a well-established provider of corporate services in Seychelles. The owners of Cote d’Azur wanted to prepare for retirement and were looking for a partner to build on the customer relationships they had. Cap Lion Point helped in the due diligence and pricing of the merger and supported the capital structuring.

Acquisition of OfficeRock.com by BINCRES

An Acquisition enabled by Cap Lion Point

OfficeRock.com is a well-established UAE based e-commerce site with a focus on the B2B business with office equipment, starting from electronics to consumables and pantry products. The company was started by venture capitalists that were now looking for an exit after having properly established the business. BINCRES is a procurement company with offices in Seychelles and the Philippines. BINCRES was looking to expand its operation into the UAE and was interested to add e-commerce to their supply channels. Cap Lion Point did the due diligence, suggested the purchase price and supported the negotiation between the parties and the transfer of the business.

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