We help companies in the structuring of their capital to achieve more with less.

Optimized Capital Structures

Cap Lion Point advises companies in regards to the capital structure and the sourcing of funds. Our experts have all the tools at hand to provide a thorough analysis of the financial situation of a company and to help improving the quality of the capital structure to provide most value to stakeholders and shareholders.

The experts of Cap Lion Point help in the evaluation of investment opportunities and the related capital budgeting as well as they support the management in the proper allocation of funds to secure an optimal provision and use of the working capital.


Finance Bawbawon Hospitality Group

A balanced debt - equity mix

The hospitality industry doesn’t belong to the favourite investment targets in 2020. The COVID-19 crises has shaken the confidence into an otherwise continuously expanding industry and a lot of businesses in this sector suffered sustainable losses. Having said that, local tourism has shown strong resistance to this challenging environment and the expected growth in “staycations” provides good investment opportunities into diversified groups with a strong equity part.

Investment into Solar Power Plants

Finance for a sustainable energy project

Cap Lion Point believes in the advantages of sustainable energy production and is invested in CRESCO Power, a company specialised in the set-up and operation of solar or wind power plant. The company has several projects in the pipeline that are eco-friendly and promise a high return-on-investment.

solar power plant investment

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