The recovery of International Tourism after COVID-19 may be sluggish, but Local Tourism is predicted to boom.

Local Tourism - The New Trend

Cap Lion Point invests in ventures that build on local tourism. The Philippines are one target market for these investments. Cap Lion Point is engaged in several promising brands that already start to leave a strong footprint in their respective region.

The investments cover different sectors of the hospitality industry with a beach resort and a hotel to be the traditional investment targets, where as the coverage includes restaurants, spas and breweries to name just a few.

Beach Resort & Hotel


Other Services

The investments are inline with the latest trends: Google searches reveal that the term ‘staycation’ has been soaring yearly in the Philippines since 2011. This indicates that it is becoming more in-demand to Filipinos who are looking to spend the holidays in the country. The current COVID-19 outbreak further increases this trend for holidays close to home.

Cap Lion Point is entrusted with the planning of the corporate finance of these brands. Individual strategies are developed and put in place in due course.

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