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With the detrimental effects of climate change to the world, renewable energy has been rising to fame in recent years. It is good for both humanity and the planet, but what is it exactly? How can we harness it to benefit the economy, the environment, the climate, and social cohesion? To answer these questions, let us dig deep into the truth about renewable energy.

The new opportunities after COVID-19

Known as the Pearl of the Orient Seas, the Philippines is one of the most beautiful countries in the Pacific. It is endowed with natural beauty in its splendid white sand beaches, rich bio-diversity, and sunny weather. Google searches reveal that the term ‘staycation’ has been soaring yearly in the Philippines since 2011. This indicates that it is becoming more in-demand to Filipinos who are looking to spend the holidays in the country. Investments in tourism infrastructure for local guests are therefore not only because of COVID-19 a safe bet.

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