Renewable Energy is not only an ecological "must" but also the most economical choice.

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Renewable Energy: A Sustainable Investment Trend in the 21st Century & Beyond

With the detrimental effects of climate change to the world, renewable energy has been rising to fame in recent years. It is good for both humanity and the planet, but what is it exactly? How can we harness it to benefit the economy, the environment, the climate, and social cohesion? To answer these questions, let us dig deep into the truth about renewable energy.

Facts about renewable energy

From the name itself, this form of energy is obtained from natural resources in such a way that replenish themselves without causing depletion to the Earth’s resources. Resources such as wind, solar, rain, waves, biomass, tides, and thermal energy, which are stored in the planet’s crust, are available nearly everywhere. Apart from being inexhaustible, they cause minimal damage to the environment and the climate.

On the other hand, fossil fuels such as natural gas, coal, and oil are available only in limited quantities. This implies that they will sooner or later run out as human beings keep extracting them. While it is true that fossil fuels are naturally produced, they do not replenish as quickly as we utilise them. This is where investing in green energy enters the picture.   

The benefits of investing in renewable energy

All human activities, especially carbon-based industries, affect the environment in one way or the other, and the same goes for renewable energy. However, its advantages far outweigh the destructive nature of fossil fuels. These range from low to zero greenhouse gas emissions, less habitat and wildlife loss, as well as the reduction of land and water use, to name a few. Further, renewable energy has significant benefits for humankind and the global economy. Let’s get into the details below.

Biggest renewable energy projects in the world

The year 2020 will see the continuous growth of the renewable energy industry, with several new projects anticipated to launch and start construction. We have compiled below some of the major ones that the world has to watch out for.

Why invest in green energy?

Green power is the future, which is why global investment in renewable energy is on the rise. And if you dream of a better world and increased financial stability, then it’s about time to put your eggs on the right basket. This is where Cap Lion Point comes into play.

As one of the leading investment banks in the world, we take pride in our proven track record and speciality in the renewable energy sector. We actively search for investment opportunities and provide our clients with the possibility to join lucrative projects. Amongst the core components of our success lies in investing in projects that operate on long-term contracts, utilise proven technologies, and have a minimal impact on the environment and communities.

Tap into your investment potential in renewable energy. Invest with Cap Lion Point today!

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